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Bounty Killer 2013 American sci-fi movie

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In a world devastated by the global corporations most of the people are struggling to survive in the desert-like conditions. The only people, who take revenge on the capitalist criminals are the bounty hunters, who hunt down the corporation executives and kill them for fame and money. The Drifter is considered to be the best bounty hunter, but woman called Mary Death gathers all the attention.

In the wastelands of area exploited by the corporations Council of Nine give the death bounty to anyone, who can give a proof of killing white-collar criminals that are on the list - the executives of big companies, who used their power to destroy the land. The Drifter, a not-unlike-Mad-Max character, is one of the best bounty hunters, who drifts through the wasteland on his bike and hunt down the capitalist criminals. Mary Death is young woman, a character not unlike the many, many tough chicks in the post-apocalyptic reality flicks, is another hunter, who gathers the attention of the crowds due to her cool car and sexy clothes. The duo sets out to learn the secret behind latest death warrant.

Imagine Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 sci fi movie' title='Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 sci fi movie' target=_blank>Mad Max: Fury Road made on limited budget. Congratulations, you just imagined Bounty Killer. The film, based on a graphic novel, is a copy of everything you have already seen in the genre - wastelands, car chases, deadly female protagonist and not very successful approaches to add some comedy to the whole project. I wish I could say something good about Bounty Killer, but just like creators of this movie, I couldn’t be bothered to actually make some effort.

Bounty Killer 2013 American sci-fi movie american sci fi post-apocalyptic reality

Sci-Fi Blog - even though science fiction started before 20th century a lot of people don't realize how vast and rich this genre really is. In United States many people associate sci fi with the Marvel comics and superhero stories, while the core of the science fiction is in the reaching for the future and exploring not only space, but also ourselves.

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