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Steven Spielberg was responsible for many great movies, but case of Minority Report he took poor quality script and turned it into over 2-hour-long piece of rubbish. Which is a shame since original story, written by Philip K. Dick, was rather interesting. But that's Hollywood for you - the original script to Minority Report was developed as sequel for Total Recall, which in itself was a dumb idea.

In 2054 new technology that involved Precogs (mutants) and one bad-ass computer makes it possible to predict crimes being committed long enough before they will happen so the police officers can actually stop the crime before it happens. That’s how PreCrime Division was created - unit devised to prevent killers from actually killing their victims-to-be. The method is controversial since there is no way to prove that the murder would actually happen - the "killer" is stopped before he could kill, so he isn’t a killer actually and he is persecuted for something that he might have done if he wasn’t stopped. Thus the pressure for further investigation into PreCrime since they still work more or less as experiment. John Anderton, their top officer, receives another pre-crime report, but this one is quite shocking - he sees himself killing a man he doesn’t know and never heard of him...

The film would be quite good adaptation of Philip K. Dick short story if it wouldn’t be soooooooo long. There are subplots that make no difference to the whole story, there are scenes that were made only to show off the CGI or how wooden the face of Tom Cruise is. In general it is a below average sci-fi film made as mixture of adventure flick and drama that lacks depth and keeps going on and on and on...


  • Three years before production began, Steven Spielberg assembled a team of sixteen future experts in Santa Monica to brainstorm out the year 2054 for him. It's hard to tell what exactly they were doing since the film can hardly be called innovative or original...

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