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V for Vendetta 2005 sci-fi classic movie

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What would you do if the new leader of government in your country would turn out to be a racist, who hate everyone who isn't just like him? Let's just pretend that it is fiction and not our reality, let's pretend that the leader does not abuse his power, let's pretend that he does not try to push the mindless propaganda and cover his mistakes. Such unusual times call for unusual hero - someone who knows the evil, so he can defeat evil.

When mysterious St. Mary’s Virus struck Europe, new civil war has started in United States and new government of United Kingdom turns out to be a fascist dictatorship the world seems to be on a verge of collapse. Eve Hammond, young woman working in government operated television station, learns the hard way that the times she live in are far from being normal. She is stopped on the street by the Fingermen, secret police members, for being outside after curfew. But they stopped her not because it is their duty, they stopped her because now they can do whatever they want with her. Unless someone would show up and help her... like someone in a Guy Fawkes mask. But he is not there only to help Eve, he is there to change the world they live in.

Classic sci-fi movie based on the 1980s British comic books that were attacking the Thatcher government in times when they were the most unpopular. Film was turned into something less radical that the comic books - the approach to the revolution is more philosophical and violence is toned down, but the message is still the same: "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people".


  • The secret police are called "Fingermen", because the New Order was arranged on the model of the human body. The Chancellor was the Head; the television station BTN was the mouth; visual and audio surveillance were the Eyes and the Ears; Inspector Finch was part of The Nose, the police force, and Creedy's secret police were the Hand.

V for Vendetta 2005 sci-fi classic movie american sci fi cultural revolution totalitarian state

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