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What would you do in case of the zombie apocalypse? Most probably die I guess... There isn’t much choice - people are dying all around you, then they come back again to kill you, so you would return as zombie and so on, so on... Unless you know how to survive in the world full of zombies, like Columbus...

Teenager in Austin is one of the last survivors of zombie apocalypse - even sexy girl he met turned out to be zombie after all, so he decided it is time to move on. He plans to return to his hometown, Columbus, hoping his family is still alive. It isn’t easy to survive in the world full of zombies, but being a nerd pays off and he has some experience on how to survive in such situation. On the way he meets cowboy called Tallahassee, who has cool car and weapons, so they join up to get through the area and... find some Twinkies on the way. Tallahassee seems to be veteran in dealing with the zombies, so they end up in a supermarket full of food and zombies as well. Inside they also find two young girls that will... let’s just say they will leave them speechless.

American comedy about zombie apocalypse with light approach to the theme and good cast. While the zombies as genre is overused in recent film and TV productions back in 2009 it seemed the theme is about to die, but just like zombies themselves, the movies about zombies just keep coming back even though no asked for them.

Zombieland 2009 sci-fi comedy american sci fi zombies zombie apocalypse sci-fi comedy

Sci-Fi Blog - even though science fiction started before 20th century a lot of people don't realize how vast and rich this genre really is. In United States many people associate sci fi with the Marvel comics and superhero stories, while the core of the science fiction is in the reaching for the future and exploring not only space, but also ourselves.

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