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After 30 years of hiatus George Miller returns to his legendary scifi movies about Mad Max in the post-apocalyptic reality, where gasoline is the source of power. Usually such ideas of returning to story after long time end up badly, but I guess there must have been that in exception.

This time without Mel Gibson playing the part of Max and with all the advantages of modern CGI and special effects George Miller returned to his post-apocalyptic saga of world without values and without future. The main character ends up as living blood bag for War Boys, the army of ruthless tyrant Immortan Joe. Max is kept as prisoner because of the fact that he is a universal blood donor. And soon he will be used in that character when Immortan Joe learns that Imperator Furiosa, woman with artificial hand, has betrayed him.

Even though the plot of this movie is as simple as the previous ones Mad Max: Fury Road is a good example that great idea is worth more than thousands of words. Fury Road is a simple story, but presented in such way that it is hard to forget that simple story. What was before? What was after? It doesn’t really matter when you have a film packed with brilliant action scenes. The return of Mad Max is truly a surprising experience, but in a good way - it proves that it is possible to return to story after long time and to still keep it fresh.


  • Editor Margaret Sixel had roughly 470 hours of footage to edit. Watching it took her three months.

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 scifi movie australian scifi post apocalyptic reality mad max

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