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Radius 2017 Canadian sci-fi movie

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In recent years two themes have dominated sci-fi genre - either superheroes and CGI filled productions for the kids or post-apocalyptic reality productions for adults. Canadian Radius is refreshingly original film in that company - you can’t really pigeon-hole it to one genre.

Man wakes up in the middle of nowhere - he does not remember who he is, he does not remember what he is doing in this rural area, only a small bits of car crash he was in are getting through to his brain. He finds his wallet, but the name inside doesn’t mean anything to him. He tries to stop the passing car hoping for a lift, but driver seems to be stopping before ending up dead in the ditch. The eyes of the driver are almost completely white, but she doesn’t seem hurt in any way. He walks down the road and stumbles upon a diner, but inside he finds people froze in different positions, all with completely white eyes. The man reaches the address he found in his ID, but doesn’t recognize anything. On the radio he hears the messages about people found dead with their eyes white, the officials can’t make out what is the reason behind their death so they urge people to stay inside.

Canadian sci-fi movie that really stands out from the genre - there is the mystery, the chase, the blank memory, the questions that keeps pop up. While mixing several elements Radius manages to be original and involving until the very end.


Radius 2017 Canadian sci-fi movie canadian sci fi movies memory loss

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