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Andromeda Strain 1971 sci-fi movie

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Whole population of tiny town in New Mexico dies in curious circumstances - some of them just fell down in the middle of the street, others while finishing their breakfasts, some even taking a bath. Scientific team is sent to investigate and to their amazement they find two people still alive - a toddler and elderly alcoholic.

For some reason army has prepared for what they suspect happened in New Mexico and group of high level scientists are already on the way to secret laboratory hidden deep underground, where they will check the cause of deaths, but their preliminary findings are far from being optimistic. It seems that whatever killed the residents of the town came from outer space and it has all the characteristics of virus or bacteria. Whatever it is army soon find how deadly it is when jet fighter on recon mission crashes in the desert. The pilot is not only dead, but not much is left of him apart from his skeleton.

Andromeda Strain is sci-fi movie that could never be popular if it would premiered now against all the superheroes superficial productions - there are no action scenes, there are no aliens hiding behind every rock, there are no heroes or villains. Andromeda Strain is cameral story that takes place mostly in the secret laboratory, where scientists try to figure out what they are dealing with, which is not spectacular, but the story is gripping enough to keep viewers involved the whole time.


  • The germ itself costed $250,000 to create in special effects.

Andromeda Strain 1971 sci-fi movie classic sci fi movies secret laboratory deadly virus

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