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The concept of time travel is hardly something new, even in cinema the time travellers were present from almost beginning of that medium, but among titles linked with time travel Back to the Future stands out as one of the all time classics. Why? There is no easy answer to that question - perhaps the concept, perhaps the right mixture of science fiction and comedy, perhaps the well chosen cast... Something must have worked for this production otherwise it would not gained a cult following.

Marty McFly was living a life of average teenager of 1980s - he loved loud music, sport cars, skateboarding, he had a girlfriend and a mad scientist friend... Oh yes, Doc Emmett Brown is not just a scientist, he is a poster boy for the term "mad scientist": always in white overall or white apron, always with grey hair looking like he was just stroke by a lightning, a absent-minded genius that is passionate about his latest invention. And his latest invention is something else - he asks Marty to meet him in the mall parking lot in the middle of the night to present... a time machine built into a DeLorean DMC-12 car. Due to chain of events Marty ends up inside the time machine when Doc Brown is shot by Libyan terrorists. Teenager travels back in time to year 1955, where he stumbles upon his father George, who at that time was a high school student and accidentally makes his future mother Lorraine fall in love with him. Now he has to find a way to make things right in 1955, otherwise he might not even be born in the future. He finds Doc Brown in 1955, but the scientist did not actually invented the time travel yet...

Classic scifi film that assembled great cast with Michael J. Fox as Marty Fly, Christopher Lloyd who had in past played a lot of different characters is Doc Brown and Midwestern beauty Lea Thompson as Lorraine McFly. Most of the actors played dual version of their characters - those in 1955 and they were made look older for the 1985 scenes. Overall a great piece of entertainment for whole family and nice scifi film.


  • According to Bob Gale, on 26th October 1985, a group of people showed up at the mall used to film the Twin Pines Mall location to see if Marty McFly would arrive in the DeLorean. Bob Gale, of course, did not.
  • When Lorraine follows Marty back to Doc's house, she and Doc exchange an awkward greeting. This marks the only on-screen dialogue that Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson ever have, though they have appeared together in five movies and one TV movie.

Back to the Future 1985 classic scifi classic sci fi movies time travel time machine mad scientist grandfather paradox

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