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The Hobbit - fantasy series by Tolkien

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After great success of Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson took another J.R.R. Tolkien book to make a memorable movie. He proved that his adaptation of Lord of the Rings is far better than any of the previous - thanks to CGI he managed to show all the breath-taking beauty of the world created by Tolkien.

Hobbit it a novel that presents the events that later lead to story told in Lord of the Rings, but that did not discourage Peter Jackson to using exactly the same format as he used before - 3 movies, each about 3 hours long. In Lord of the Rings it worked well, at least for those who did not watched it in uncomfortable seat, so while filming Hobbit he did the same thing. But the problem is that Lord of the Rings was originally trilogy and it was natural to film each of the books as separate movie. Hobbit on the other hand is a single novel that is not even as long as single book from the trilogy...

We start with meeting Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit who gets dragged into a journey he did not wanted to take with Gandalf the Grey and the company of dwarves. Gandalf insisted in including Bilbo in plans of journey that dwarf king Thorin is about to take into the Lonely Mountain, where dragon Smaug guards the jewel called Heart of Mountain. If Thorin would regain the Heart of Mountain he could try to rebuild the kingdom of his fathers.

Film presents the journey of dwarves lead by Gandalf with Bilbo as their "secret weapon". Unfortunately, since Hobbit was originally just a single novel, all three films are far too long to keep them interesting. While in Lord of the Rings it would be hard to find scenes that were redundant, here there are plenty to choose from. In early stages of this project it was planned as two-part production, but finally creators decided that there too many thing to show just to fit them all in two movies.

And that’s were they went wrong - of course they filled all three movies with CGI, scenes full of dialogues or corny jokes, but it killed all the fun viewers might have had. What is really surprising it’s not the dialogues are the biggest let down, but the scenes that are full of action, f.e. the escape in barrels during which for 5 minutes elfs fight the orcs or chaotic scenes during the battle. Overall a wasted opportunity.


  • Some chapter titles from the book are mentioned in dialogue, such as "a merry gathering" and "out of the frying pan and into the fire" and "roast mutton".

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