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What would you do if you were the last human alive? Around you there are abandoned buildings, empty streets, destroyed cars and no other person to be seen... In such circumstances you begin the survival game called PostCollapse.

In PostCollapse you are one of the lucky people, who survived the nuclear war in an underground bunker. The weeks and months went by and your food resources have exhausted, so there is no other option than leave the bunker and find a way of surviving on the surface. The world around have changed, all you can see are empty streets, semi-destroyed buildings and abandoned cars. There is no sign of any people in the area and the winter will soon arrive, so you have to hurry and find a place to stay, food and water supplies and enough wood to keep the heat inside your shelter for the whole winter.

While the world is empty and you can wander around the huge, randomly generated surroundings full of empty houses, where you can search for food and useful things, you can also construct tools, simple weapons or even destroy or build walls, the main thing in PostCollapse is survival, so you have to search for food, hunt the animals or plant vegetables, build enough storage spaces to keep them.

The atmosphere and the concept of the game are generally good, but PostCollapse suffers from the same problems as many early access games - right now it is hardly a game. You wander around, you survive winter, then another, and another, and another and... that is about it. It is nice demo, but not much of a game.


  • Even though the game had moved from early access in 2018 it is still rather buggy months later.

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