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Back in 1995 Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins wrote first of the "Left Behind" books that dealt with the end of the world, but it was made with the Christian approach to the theme. Surprisingly the novels were popular even though they presented rather strong and even risque views.

The "Left Behind" books were made into 3 movies in early years of 21st century, all of them faced rather cold reception, but even though the year 2014 seemed for the producers like good time to make another version of the story. This time they hired Nicolas Cage, famous for his involvement in deep and valuable project (yes, it’s sarcastic remark), which again ended in total flop. Poor script filled with cliches and blindingly obvious religious overtones that just hit you in the face without any warning or reason.

Another version again tells the story of Christian version of end of the world, when people simply disappear and those who are left behind are clueless what exactly is going on. And while watching it you just can’t help feeling that you would like to be one of those that disappeared from the cinema. What is more surprising Tim LaHaye saw that movie and said "It is the best movie I have ever seen on the rapture", while Jerry B. Jenkins said "I believe it does justice to the novel and will renew interest in the entire series." I guess they did not spot the corny dialogues, appalling acting and almost brain-washing Christian propaganda.

But on the other hand since they came up with name Nicolae Carpathia for the Antichrist born in Romania their judgement should not be treated too seriously. After all most of the Russian villains in Western productions were called Tolstoy, Pushkin or Dostoyevsky. Not to mention the creators of Splinter Cell games that created villain called Kombayn Nikoladze... What kind of a parent you have to be to give your son name that means combine-harvester...

Left Behind 2014 sci fi movie sci fi movies end of the world the rapture disappearance

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