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In a world torn into pieces by war you learn not to trust anyone. But as we have in our nature we always try to find a good thing about other people, but sometimes it leads us on the verge of catastrophe.

When war torn the civilization into pieces and left everything destroyed only those, who were prepared for the apocalypse have the chance to survive. While the water sources were poisoned the survivors have to fight for their lives and for anything that would give them shelter. Shuaib leads one of such groups of survivors - they settled down in abandoned and mostly destroyed old aircraft wings factory, where they are able to survive. But groups of bandits are anxious to take over their water sources, perhaps one of the last in the area with clean water, so the survivors must be on alert the whole time. One night a young woman approaches the gate of their shelter, but despite obvious signs that it is a trap Shuaib decides to risk his life to save her. She was used as a scapegoat by the bandits, but they try to trade her for the water. The situation quickly escalates and Shuaib is attacked. Saved by some stranger, who killed the last bandit Shuaib agrees that stranger and a woman travelling with him can come in as guests.

Unusual sci-fi film that is obvious allegory of situation in Syria, but the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic reality is quite universal. intriguing story leads to rather unexpected finale and quite philosophical layer to the whole production. Original, well developed and worth to know.


  • In many ways the story shows the reality of today Syria, which is more important since some of the cast members are Syrian.

The Worthy 2016 sci fi movie sci fi movies post-apocalyptic reality

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