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The Asian cinema has unique style and unique approach that can be hardly compared to any other cinematography in the world. Horror movies from Japan or South Korea are on the completely different level than anything USA or Europe has ever produced. This time the Hong Kong director with colourful name Fruit Chan made the film adaptation of the online novel "Lost on a Red Mini Bus to Taipo".

The story is simple and far from being original - the passengers of a local Hong Kong minibus suddenly find themselves in the part of the city called Taipo that seems to be completely deserted - no people on the streets, no cars, nothing. Completely disoriented they decide to split up and search the area, but all they find is one mystery after another - strange figure in what looks like chemical suit, inaudible message that pops up on their phones, the strange coincidents that put them all on the same bus...

And everything is fine... with one exception that the methodically built atmosphere leads absolutely nowhere. There are some stories that it is political movie describing the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong, it is parody of such movies, it is a metaphore, it is just part of the original story, etc. Whatever it really is The Midnight After is perfect build up to... no ending, which in a way... could be the right ending.

Yes, I know, it does not make much sense, but imagine that the creators came up with some lame ending about UFO, parallel universes or zombies... Would it make it better? Not really. In a way the lack of ending keeps the mysteries alive. I know I enjoyed every minute of The Midnight After and definitely would like to read the novel (which surprisingly hard to find)


  • Last scenes, and in a way some of the previous topics, are political comments on the influence of Chinese take over of Hong Kong.

The Midnight After 2014 mystery scifi sci fi mystery movies disappearance Hong Kong deserted city

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