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The 2005 Dmitry Glukhovsky published a novel called Metro 2033 that was telling the story of young man, one of the survivors of nuclear war that left Moscow devastated, who sets into the dark tunnels of the metro system to save the people he lives with on one of the stations. The basic concept was rather simple - the surface was destroyed and radioactive, so the only place where people could have survived were the subway stations.

Since then he published several novels, as well as other authors (not only Russian) have used his universum to write their own novels and short stories, but the computer games that were based on the Dmitry Glukhovsky novels put another dimension to the reality he has built. We see in first person how eerie the tunnels can be, the reality of the world in which sunlight is something you can only dream about. And that’s just the human dimension of the world of Metro 2033, the scary creatures that live on the surface and in the tunnels are completely different part of the story...

The game Metro 2033 is a FPS game (first person shooter) - we take the part of 20-year-old man named Artyom, who has to reach the station on the other side of the system in order to save the people who live on his "home" station. The idea of entering the tunnels is scary enough - the light sources are very limited, the places are full of nasty creatures that you wouldn’t like to meet in a brought daylight, not to mention in the dark corner of abandoned metro system, where there are no chances to escape. But to make things worse their is a war raging on within the survivors society, so our trip won’t be easy nor pleasant.

Metro 2033 has great atmosphere and spooky places that would last for several games, but unfortunately it is heavily history-driven game or should I say on-rails game (pun not intended) in which very little time we spend alone or can actually choose our way. There is only one story, only one way to get through the whole story and the only thing we can actually choose is... at the very end of the whole game.

Overall a game with great atmosphere, set in original environment, but lacks any freedom of choices, which is a shame.


  • By 2010, over 500,000 copies of Metro 2033 had been sold in Russia alone.

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