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After Metro 2033 2010 sci fi movie' title='Metro 2033 2010 sci fi movie' target=_blank>Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light the Ukrainian 4A Games is planning to publish next game from the series, Metro Exodus, in 2018. In June 2017 first gameplay trailer was presented and it looks like the next game could use slogan "Metro, this time without the boring underground bits".

First trailer shows the main character leaving the Moscow subway system, that was background for two previous games, and reaches surface somewhere outside the city, where the atmosphere is good enough for him to walk without the gas mask. But as it was expected nuclear war have influenced the wilderness outside Moscow and he stumbles upon the mutated bears and other animals that will make him run for his life again. He is rescued by a steam train passing by and last thing we see is him climbing up the engine.

It looks like developers of Metro decided to move outside of the Dmitry Glukhovsky’s world of dark tunnels and reach the wilderness of Russia somewhere near Volga River and Ural mountains. It is stated that gameplay will be a mixture of linear levels and open world elements, but it is hard to imagine Metro game to be actually "open world" considering that two previous games were painfully linear. It is slightly surprising that developers moved out of subway system, which makes the Metro half of the title questionable, but when you take a look at people involved in project (among them creators of classic Stalker games) it is no longer that surprising. For years there was a huge demand for another Stalker game and it looks like they have reach that goal, although under another title. Let’s see: destroyed surroundings - check!, mutated animals - check!, nuclear fallout - check!, nasty survivors - check!, crashed helicopters - check! So the only thing missing is the word Stalker in the title.

But we have to wait and see what will be in the final version of the game - perhaps the obvious similarities to Stalker and Fallout games are only superficial and developers have prepared some surprises.


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