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The Waves Extinguish the Wind 1985 Soviet scifi novel

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Boris and Arkady Strugatsky created plenty of great scifi novel, most recognized of their works is of course the Roadside Picnic that gave beginning to whole saga of video games, movies and books about the Zone. Their stories, similar to other great authors, like Stanislaw Lem or Philip K. Dick, were using the alternative of the far future or alternative reality to raise questions about our own identity or our own existences.

Maxim Kammerer and his most promising employee Toivo Glumov, take part in the ConCom-2 (Control Commission 2) investigation about the Wanderers. So far the elusive Wanderers were nothing more than just urban legend or very interesting scientific theory without any bit of evidence, but now Kammerer begins to see the light. The story takes place in far future, when human kind have spread to other planets and in several occasions even interfered with the development of those planets, but now the ConCom-2 is beginning to ask questions about Wanderers. They were used as an excuse for many things - from unexplained disappearances of people to whales swim into the beaches and kill themselves, but no one actually proved the existence of Wanderers.

They are believed to be members of civilization far more advanced to our own, so we do not have the tools to actually grasp the idea how and why would they contact us. Some of the scientists believe they are already present on Earth and they are trying to interfere into our own lives, but so far ConCom-2 not only could not find any evidence, what is more they have no leads where to look for them. Glumov is sent to another UE (Unexplained Events) site in village of Small Pasha, where unknown being suddenly appeared and caused chaos among the inhabitants. All except two of them - old prima-ballerina and young boy. Kammerer begins to suspect that this UE is in very subtle way linked to other UEs, but will human mind grasp the idea of Wanderers based on seemingly random events?

One of the last Strugatsky novel, published in 1985, carries all of their trademarks - involving story, unexplained events and rather uneasy questions about human kind.


  • It was the last novel set in the Noon Universe, setting for several Strugatsky novels.

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